Personal Injury

Have you been hurt in an accident? Do you know your rights, responsibilities and obligations if an accident has occurred?

When you are injured, whether you were at fault or not, you should seek the protection and representation of a law firm with the experience and expertise in handling personal injury matters. Regardless of accident type, the law office of Michael B. Schulman & Associates, P.C. is here to see that you are protected.

From minor to serious accidents, we can provide you the best representation possible. After an accident, most people are confused, bewildered and afraid. Accident victims have just been through an ordeal that may, in some way, alter their life going forward, and often are unsure of their next steps. Often, they, or a family member, are contacted by an insurance company, an investigator, or an adjuster seeking to get information or obtain a quick and so called cheap settlement.

Don’t be fooled by fast or cheap options. The best course of action is to seek legal advice. The attorneys at Michael B. Schulman & Associates would like to offer you their guidance, support and advice. We have handled many types of accidents and personal injury cases, and we understand how to communicate with adjusters, investigators, or any party seeking information from you. Our job is to take that burden off you, and we do it very well.

We take that burden off you so that you can put all your efforts and energy into getting better and healing both physically and emotionally. If you have been in any sort of accident don’t be convinced or told that you have no chance of recovery. While we cannot guarantee a monetary recovery, we will work hard on your behalf from the moment we are retained until the finalization of the case. We will give you our honest opinion as to the merits of your claim throughout the entire time we represent you. If you need representation because you were in an accident of any sort, please contact the law offices of Michael B. Schulman & Associates, P.C. for a free consultation.

Real Estate

Maybe you are a first time buyer or seller of a home, condo or coop.  Maybe you are buying a property to flip. Whether it is a short sale, a multi-family home or a commercial property, you want to work with a group of lawyers who are competent and knowledgeable with regard the various transactions.  Michael B. Schulman & Associates, P.C. pride themselves on representing you and only you. We represent individuals, not the bank or lending institution.

Our attorneys will review and prepare all of the necessary documents to ensure you a proper closing. From the contract to loan application, the title report to the final closing documents, the attorneys at Michael B.S chulman & Associates look to eliminate any “cloud” on titles. We review the survey and legal description to make sure they match. We look to make sure that there are no open permits, building applications or violations and see to it that the building has all of the proper certificates.

If there are any obstacles prior to closing, whether you are the seller or buyer, we have the expertise to help you overcome those obstacles.

If you are a Landlord of a multi-family unit, single family unit or commercial property, Michael B. Schulman & Associates can assist you in reviewing and/or drafting the lease to ensure that the terms are what you want, prior to you signing.

Our goal at Michael B. Schulman & Associates is to consummate the deal. However, as we all know, sometimes things do not go as planned. If the necessity arises, we are prepared to litigate a deal that goes “bust” on your behalf.

Foreclosure Defense

When someone hears the word foreclosure, it often brings on a sense of fear and angst, and the belief that losing their home is right around the corner. At Michael B. Schulman & Associates, P.C. our seasoned attorneys are here to navigate you through the legal process, and advise you of your rights. Our attorneys have experience representing both the lenders and the borrowers, so we have a unique perspective on how to best represent the interests of our clients.

Once a borrower is in default of their mortgage obligations, the Lender has certain procedures, which must be followed before a foreclosure lawsuit can even be commenced. It is imperative that an experienced foreclosure attorney reviews all documents to confirm that all procedures have been followed correctly.

Just because you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, and a foreclosure action has been commenced, does NOT mean that you will immediately lose your home. There is a lengthy legal process within the Court system that must take place before a foreclosure auction can be commenced.  Having an attorney represent you in this Court process is important, as the attorney can make sure a notice of appearance and answer is filed on your behalf, and they are served with all papers that the Lender files with the Court. This gives your attorney an opportunity to respond to all filings on your behalf, and oppose anything they believe necessary.

Your attorney can also guide you through the process of applying for a loan modification or other possible option which may be available to the borrower if this is something you are interested in doing. Applying for a modification can be frustrating and time consuming, and your attorney can deal with this process for you, and give you the best chance at getting approved for a loan modification.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to stay in your home, and want to attempt to do a short sale, your attorney can navigate these waters for you.

Most importantly, you should know that just because a foreclosure has been filed, this does not mean that you are going to lose your home. The Court process can take a significant amount of time, and varies by county. This process can often time take upwards of a few years in some counties. Additionally, there are loss mitigation options available to those qualify, whereby you can retain your home, and reduce your monthly payments. Michael B. Schulman & Associates can advise you of your rights and options, and navigate these difficult waters.

Personal Litigation

Your doorbell rings. You go to answer it and are confronted with a process server. He asks for your name and as you respond your mind drifts to the worst possible scenarios that would bring a process server to your door. The next thing you know, he hands you a sheath of papers and says, “You have been served”.

Now the confusion sets in. You are left with a stack of papers stating that you have only 20 days to respond or face a default. What should you do next?

Your first call should be to the office of Michael B. Schulman and Associates.  We can assist you with a defense to all types of civil litigation.  Whether it is a collection matter, breach of contract, consumer fraud or employment matter, we can help.  Do not delay, as delay could prove costly.

How many times have you heard “I’ll sue!” or “You should sue them!” in everyday life?   Have you ever wondered if you really should sue someone who may have wronged you? Our attorneys at Michael B. Schulman and Associates are experts in determining if you have a matter worth pursuing.  We will analyze your case and give you good strong legal advice.  Many actions are subject to statutes of limitations; time is limited to file a claim — DO NOT DELAY.  Call Michael B. Schulman and Associates today and find out what your options may be.

Trademark Law

You may ask yourself, “I am only a small business, why do I need a Trademark?”

The reason to trademark is simple; you’ve invested a lot of time and money into developing an image, name, product, and services and you want to protect that investment.  Public image name, product and service recognition are of the utmost importance. It is an important safeguard for your business to receive the added recognition, protection, and exposure offered by a federal trademark registration. Your business may be able trademark a name, a phrase, a number, an image or a combination thereof that sets you apart from your competition.

A trademark is a valuable asset to any business. Large public companies value the importance of a trademark and frequently apply for them. Trademarks, however, are not reserved for large public companies or celebrities.  Any small or medium business may apply for a trademark and receive the same protections and benefits provided to large conglomerates with a trademark registration.

Trademark registration puts the world on notice that you are the owner of the mark. Therefore, subsequent users of your mark may not claim that their adoption of the mark was in good faith.

There are many examples of images that are trademarks.  A common symbol is known as the Nike Swoosh as. This is Nike’s registered trademark symbol. Our firm has its own trademark. sfdfds This trademark is our face to the public.

Prior to filing a trademark application, the mark/name must be thoroughly researched to determine whether it is “trademarkable.” There are two types of applications to be considered: in-use application or intent-to-use application. An in-use application is filed for marks/names that are already being used in commerce. An intent-to-use application is filed for marks/names that have not yet been used in commerce; however, the owner intends to use the mark/name in the near future.

Do not wait to protect your brand and image through a trademark. It is simple, affordable and we do most of the work for you. The above is a very basic description of the process involved and the benefits provided. It is highly advisable to seek the guidance of an attorney in one’s quest for a federally registered trademark. Give us a call and we will guide you through the process.

Family Law

There are few things in life more important than family.  The family unit is the foundation of society, and when it starts to break down it can feel as if the weight of the world has come crashing down upon you.  You do not have to carry this burden by yourself.  The attorneys at Michael B. Schulman & Associates are here to help lighten the load.

Michael B. Schulman & Associates handles all types of family law and proceedings. Whether you are in need of assistance for an uncontested divorce or are in the troughs of a heated and bitter separation, we can help to protect your interests.

Few things compare to issues affecting children. Topics like the prospect of a parent losing their parental or visitation rights can inflame emotions. We at Michael B. Schulman & Associates always encourage the parties to have the best interests of children in mind. We strive to achieve the best-case scenario for our clients and their children in regards to all custody and support proceedings.

If you or anyone you know is contemplating a divorce or seeking assistance with any child support or custody matters, please contact us.

Business Law

Ensuring zealous and competent counsel for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Whether you are a new entrepreneur looking to turn your idea into reality or an established businessperson, having a competent and professional legal team is imperative for your long and short-term goals.

At Michael B. Schulman & Associates, we can assist you in either starting a new venture or helping you protect what you have worked to establish.  From employment/shareholder agreements, to negotiating a lease/purchase of your business locale, you will have our expertise and knowledge behind you. We take pride in listening to what YOU want, and brainstorming ideas and strategies to optimize your business. Whether protecting your valuable intellectual property, through the use of trademarks and copyrights, or collecting monies owed, the right lawyer can make a major difference for you and your business.

At Michael B. Schulman & Associates, we always prepare for litigation and are savvy enough to know that often the best outcome is avoiding litigation. We know that with a little extra attention to detail and foresight in the early stages of a potential conflict, we can save our clients’ money and heartache.