Business Law

Representing You in Commercial Matters

Ensuring zealous and competent counsel for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Whether you are a new entrepreneur looking to turn your idea into reality or an established businessperson, having a competent and professional legal team is imperative for your long and short-term goals.

At Michael B. Schulman & Associates, we can assist you in either starting a new venture or helping you protect what you have worked to establish.  From employment/shareholder agreements, to negotiating a lease/purchase of your business locale, you will have our expertise and knowledge behind you. We take pride in listening to what YOU want, and brainstorming ideas and strategies to optimize your business. Whether protecting your valuable intellectual property, through the use of trademarks and copyrights, or collecting monies owed, the right lawyer can make a major difference for you and your business.

At Michael B. Schulman & Associates, we always prepare for litigation and are savvy enough to know that often the best outcome is avoiding litigation. We know that with a little extra attention to detail and foresight in the early stages of a potential conflict, we can save our clients money and heartache.

Understanding and Professionalism

When you partner with us, know that you are supported by professionals who will work tirelessly to support your success. We understand that each case is unique to the individual and are committed to meeting people where they are.

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