What Homeowners in Foreclosure Should Know… Part 2

The Action has been commenced, now what? Assuming that your legal counsel has reviewed all the relevant documents and advised that the foreclosure has been properly commenced, now what? Foreclosure actions are often lengthy, and it is imperative that you retain legal counsel with knowledge of the proper procedure and applicable laws and regulations. First, …

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Co op Boards

Have you had an offer to purchase a co-op accepted by the seller, only to go before the Board and bedenied? Are you unsure as to why because you have some money in the bank, retirement accounts, and earn a good living? This happens more often then people think, and they are often left puzzled …

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Who is a Parent?

Who is a parent?  That question has been defined, albeit poorly, in New York jurisprudence for last twenty-five years as a person with either an adoptive or biological connection with a child.  This narrow and limited scope of the definition of parent has just been changed by the Court of Appeals in the landmark decision …

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