Personal Litigation

Navigating Legal Uncertainty

Your doorbell rings. You go to answer it and are confronted with a process server. He asks for your name and as you respond your mind drifts to the worst possible scenarios that would bring a process server to your door. The next thing you know, he hands you a sheath of papers and says, “You have been served.”

Now the confusion sets in. You are left with a stack of papers stating that you have only 20 days to respond or face a default. What should you do next?

Your first call should be to the office of Michael B. Schulman and Associates.  We can assist you with a defense to all types of civil litigation.  Whether it is a collection matter, breach of contract, consumer fraud or employment matter, we can help.  Do not delay, as delay could prove costly.

How many times have you heard “I’ll sue!” or “You should sue them!” in everyday life? Have you ever wondered if you really should sue someone who may have wronged you? Our attorneys at Michael B. Schulman and Associates are experts in determining if you have a matter worth pursuing.  We will analyze your case and give you good strong legal advice.  Many actions are subject to statutes of limitations; time is limited to file a claim — DO NOT DELAY.  Call Michael B. Schulman and Associates today and find out what your options may be.

Understanding and Professionalism

When you partner with us, know that you are supported by professionals who will work tirelessly to support your success. We understand that each case is unique to the individual and are committed to meeting people where they are.

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