Trademark Law

Protecting What You’ve Worked For

You may ask yourself, “I am only a small business, why do I need a Trademark?”

The reason to trademark is simple; you’ve invested a lot of time and money into developing an image, name, product, and services and you want to protect that investment.  Public image name, product and service recognition are of the utmost importance. It is an important safeguard for your business to receive the added recognition, protection, and exposure offered by a federal trademark registration. Your business may be able trademark a name, a phrase, a number, an image or a combination thereof that sets you apart from your competition.

A trademark is a valuable asset to any business. Large public companies value the importance of a trademark and frequently apply for them. Trademarks, however, are not reserved for large public companies or celebrities.  Any small or medium business may apply for a trademark and receive the same protections and benefits provided to large conglomerates with a trademark registration.

Trademark registration puts the world on notice that you are the owner of the mark. Therefore, subsequent users of your mark may not claim that their adoption of the mark was in good faith.

There are many examples of images that are trademarks.  A common symbol is known as the Nike SwooshThis is Nike’s registered trademark symbol. Our firm has its own trademark. This trademark is our face to the public.

Prior to filing a trademark application, the mark/name must be thoroughly researched to determine whether it is “trademarkable.” There are two types of applications to be considered: in-use application or intent-to-use application. An in-use application is filed for marks/names that are already being used in commerce. An intent-to-use application is filed for marks/names that have not yet been used in commerce; however, the owner intends to use the mark/name in the near future.

Do not wait to protect your brand and image through a trademark. It is simple, affordable and we do most of the work for you. The above is a very basic description of the process involved and the benefits provided. It is highly advisable to seek the guidance of an attorney in one’s quest for a federally registered trademark. Give us a call and we will guide you through the process.

Understanding and Professionalism

When you partner with us, know that you are supported by professionals who will work tirelessly to support your success. We understand that each case is unique to the individual and are committed to meeting people where they are.

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